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Welcome to the Live Well Hub

Overcoming MS is the world’s leading MS healthy lifestyle charity. Join our community!

Are you living with multiple sclerosis, or do you know someone who is?

Then the Live Well Hub is the community for you.

Join a supportive and welcoming group of like-minded people impacted by MS, who are taking control of their health and wellbeing with the help of Overcoming MS.

Overcoming MS is a charity which supports everyone who wants to make informed lifestyle choices to help manage their MS. We want you to live your fullest and healthiest life with MS, to find hope, and to feel empowered to live well.

The Live Well Hub is a platform to help you do this by sharing expert tips, ideas and creating a space for community support, by connecting you with others.

I'm truly grateful for the emotional support from this group during the downtimes. This charity is a lifesaver.

Welcome to the community.

A sneak peak of what you can access in the Live Well Hub:

🧘 Get support from others living well with MS

👋 Easily connect with people globally through our support groups, called Circles

💬 Take part in Circles chats or group discussions about living well with MS

💡 Get your questions answered and share your favourite tips to help others

🌎 Join events straight from the app wherever you are in the world

✨ Access our latest recipes, exercise videos, and podcast episodes

And much more!

What people say about our Circles.

The confidence and connectivity I have gained from my Circle have been invaluable.

I met my Circle after the first 6 months of being diagnosed, and it was life-changing to have a group of people with MS who I could connect with.

I thought I could do Overcoming MS alone but I now understand the importance of community.

I've made some wonderful connections and I know they're always there which is so valuable.

Why the Live Well Hub?

In a recent Overcoming MS survey, 47% of people rated their mental health and wellbeing as Good to Excellent before joining a Circle. This rose to 63% after joining a Circle, thanks to the benefits of having a group of like-minded people to support them. 

Having a support network and making positive connections with others who share your outlook is invaluable for your wellbeing:

“Peer support provides an opportunity to learn while also sharing information and helping others, which can increase feelings of empowerment” - Online Peer Support for People With Multiple Sclerosis: A Narrative Synthesis Systematic Review: 2022

Ready to join?

Just click Sign In at the top of this page. You can download the app on iPhone or Android, or access the Live Well Hub via your normal browser.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Live Well Hub, and help you on your journey to a fuller, healthier life with MS.